Where Spirits Fly

A Shakespearean Style Comedy

Full Length Play

Cast of 8-11 Women, 6 Men

Described as Midsummer Night’s Dream meets The Tempest meets The Magic Flute, Where Spirits Fly (And Lovers Dream) is a comedy in the Shakespearean style. Star-crossed lovers, Pallida and Fermio, are wandering in the forest, pursued by servants, soldiers, parents, and a wonderfully clownish bird catcher named Pulchanino. Unknown and invisible to them all, Fairies are at work to separate the lovers and capture them all. A vengeful sorcerer, Salyvar, is determined to possess the Ring of Fire and enslave Pallida’s parents. Alya, the queen of the fairies, aided by buffoonish Pulchanino, concocts a plot to foil the magician. Originally produced in 1981, Where Spirits Fly was revived in 2007 and revised in 2015. This is a true ensemble piece, with multiple great character opportunities for student actors and a flexible age range. The language and the humor have delighted audiences over the decades.