The Fool's Lear

A Play of Power
Full Length Play

Running Time: 120 minutes

2 Actors

Originally produced by New York’s Nomad Theatrical, the Fool’s Lear was premiered at PURE Theatre in Charleston, SC and reprised for the Piccolo Spoleto Festival. The production toured to Baltimore, Raleigh, and Ashville and was subsequently produced at the Phoenix Theatre Ensemble in New York. The Fool’s Lear explores the world between the scenes of Shakespeare’s “King Lear” but it does not rely on foreknowledge of the play. It is a story of fathers and children, aging and death, and the folly of all those who think they rule their own lives. It is about the end of power and the end of life as lived by a clown, whether that clown is a fool or a king.

“The playwrights words mesh seamlessly with quotes from the original “King Lear” which weave in and out of poignant moments and disappear again into the fabric of the script……the fool’s Lear muses on the intricate bond between parent and child, on the often baseless divisions of class and power, and on the fine line between the man’s Fool and the man himself.” – Jessica Showers, Charleston Post and Courier.

Carol Furtwangler wrote in Charleston Today: “a madcap romp…the imaginatively constructed and consummately acted play uses language that is of Shakespeare but is not in any way a duplication of the words of the Bard- including a series of puns, riddles, and double-entendres…..The moments of drama are no less expertly handled, the scenes of Lear’s descent into madness more searing in contrast, or the fatal flaw in the character of the great man bringing about his own destruction and death more true to Shakespeare’s vision. Trust me: you have never seen anything like this and you never will again.”

“Randy Neale brings these two characters to perhaps greater levels of realism than his predecessor did, imbuing them with a vulnerability and compassion that they lack in the other story.” – Michael Smallwood, Charleston City Paper