Plays For Young Actors

Our Selection of Plays for Young People

Murder At the Flamingo Club

One-Act Play
Murder at the Flamingo Club has been performed by a variety of high school, middle school, and lower school casts. This classic take-off on 1930’s detective movies follows Stan Slade, a hard-boiled private eye, as he tries to solve a murder at the night club owned by Lola Lamont. The story is filled with gangsters, cops, singers, thieves, and the fabulous Flamingo Girls. Full of plot twists and classic movie lines, Murder at the Flamingo Club, has delighted audiences of all ages...

Jean Labadie’s Big Black Dog

One-Act Play
Originally created from a French-Canadian folk tale to be performed by a professional cast, Jean Labadie’s Big Black Dog has been re-written for younger actors. Jean Labadie is the greatest story teller in the world. When some of Jean’s prize hens go missing, he invents a big black dog to guard his chickens. Soon his frightened neighbors are seeing his big black dog everywhere. When the whole town is panicked, Jean has to solve the problem of getting rid of his dangerous dog.

Too Much Nose

One-Act Play
Too Much Nose was originally created for Looking Glass Street Theatre. The story is based on an Italian folk tale and tells the story of three brothers who are sent away by their long-suffering mother, after she gives them all magic gifts. The youngest son, Guido, loses his magic purse to a crafty Queen and then loses his brothers’ gifts to her tricks, as well. Finally, Guido proves that he has some tricks of his own and the Queen gets what she deserves. The play has been performed by lower and middle school casts as well as by adult actors...

The Incredible Adventures of Electro Man

One-Act Play
After hundreds of performance as street theatre piece, The Incredible Adventures of Electro Man was revised to be performed by young actors and the casts have ranged from ages 10 to 18. The story follows Episode 13 of the ongoing battle between our reluctant hero, Electroman, and his sidekick, Buzz, against the evil villain, Ms. Mean, and her henchmen, The Thing and Growl. In this episode, Ms. Mean kidnaps the Mayor to trap Electroman and de-electrify him. The comic action climaxes with an exciting chase and a happy ending with a preview on next week’s episode...