Plays For Student Actors

Our Selection of Plays for Students

Family Show

One-Act Play
The Family Show gives us a look inside the life of an All-American family, the Bakers. Our MC, Clyde, takes us through the daily lives of the Bakers, following each member and describing their routines. The family is on a reality TV show, competing with other families for a cash prize. The Family Show touches on our nation's strange obsession with the lives of normal people and the newly popular reality television shows...

Island of Lost Children

Full Length Play
The adventure begins for young Peter Parkington and his trusty butler Archibald when their ship wrecks and they wash up on the shore of an island in the middle of the ocean. What they will soon discover is that it is an island chock full of lost children. Two separate tribes, the boys and the girls with their school teacher, have been living, stranded on the island for nearly three months now...


Full Length Play
Originally created as a street theatre piece, Calliope was expanded to a full length play for a long and successful run in Boston. (A touching and very amusing portrait of character…You will recognize them all from some personal fantasy. – Pat Harper , WBZ TV) Several more productions have followed including runs in New York, Charleston, and Vermont. The play was inspired by a particular moment in the film The King of Hearts when six vulnerable and desperate characters stumble upon the fantasies of their dreams and live them out in front of an audience. Calliope has delighted hundreds of audiences...


Full Length Play
After the mysterious death of their parents, young Rebecca and Susan are sent to live with their Aunt Margaret and Uncle Richard in the very same house where their parents died. Barbara, a governess for the girls, comes to the house and immediately notices the strangeness if the situation. Things only get stranger in the house when a lullaby and footsteps can be heard from the forbidden upstairs. A figure in the night comes into the girls' room and steals Susan's doll. Could it be their strange Uncle Edward or something else entirely? What secrets is the seemingly sweet Aunt Margaret keeping? ...

Isabella's Madness

Full Length Play
Isabella’s Madness is a wild comedy based on a commedia dell arte scenario with the title The Fake Madwoman. Two crazy brothers from Bologna, Octavio and Flavio, are in love with Isabella, but her demanding mother carts her off to Padua to be married to a Dr. Lombardi. The brothers follow her there, chased by Rosalina, who is in love with Flavio, and their mothers. Once they get to Padua, the brothers try to stop the wedding with a non-stop round of disguises, fake illnesses, poisons, miracle cures, wedding planners, gypsies, doctors, and miracle workers, aided and abetted by their world-weary servants and Isabella’s dizzy friends who are along for the road trip. Isabella’s Madness delights audiences and casts with its mad pace and anything goes plot twists...

The Trial of Joan Dark

Full Length Play
A young female soldier is on trial something she has done and her superiors have abandoned her. The Trial of Joan Dark is a fast-paced satire that examines the justice system and the concept of celebrity trials. The press, the protestors, the fans, lawyers, publicists, and even the stylists who inhabit tour legal world are included in this comic look at our culture of instant “fame” and everything that goes with it. Originally, performed by an all-female cast, The Trial of Joan Dark has flexible casting and has had several high school and middle school productions that included male actors. Cast sizes are also flexible since some roles (protestors and fans) can be combined.
Cast size: 15 male or female

Where Spirits Fly

Full Length Play
Described as Midsummer Night’s Dream meets The Tempest meets The Magic Flute, Where Spirits Fly (And Lovers Dream) is a comedy in the Shakespearean style. Star-crossed lovers, Pallida and Fermio, are wandering in the forest, pursued by servants, soldiers, parents, and a wonderfully clownish bird catcher named Pulchanino. Unknown and invisible to them all, Fairies are at work to separate the lovers and capture them all. A vengeful sorcerer, Salyvar, is determined to possess the Ring of Fire and enslave Pallida’s parents. Alya, the queen of the fairies, aided by buffoonish Pulchanino, concocts a plot to foil the magician. Originally produced in 1981, Where Spirits Fly was revived in 2007 and revised in 2015. This is a true ensemble piece, with multiple great character opportunities for student actors and a flexible age range. The language and the humor have delighted audiences over the decades.