Island of Lost Children

An Exciting Adventure
Full Length Play

Running time: 90 minutes

Women- 9 Men- 11 Several parts are flexible.

Miss Behave (mid20s to early 30s)

Prissy, Mercy, Jenny, Patience, Belinda, Felicity, Agnes, Maude (ranging from 10-18)

Archibald- (older, mid 40s to late 50s)

Pirates: Book (late 30s to early 40s)

Squea, Barfly, Wormwood, Maggot (flexible ages)

Peter: (10-12) Lost Boys: Quince, Primwhit, Snout, Harold (flexible ages)

The adventure begins for young Peter Parkington and his trusty butler Archibald when their ship wrecks and they wash up on the shore of an island in the middle of the ocean. What they will soon discover is that it is an island chock full of lost children. Two separate tribes, the boys and the girls with their school teacher, have been living, stranded on the island for nearly three months now. The boys and girls have a continuous war against each other but none have any idea what is in store for them when Captain Book and his band of goofball-pirates make anchor in search of their precious treasure. Book sets his men off on a great search for Peter and his trunk, which they believe could be filled with riches of all kinds. In all the turmoil, more confusion is brought by the heroine, Jenny, when she finds Peter's trunk. This great adventure is fun for the whole family and will keep audiences laughing and guessing what will happen next. Previous casts have covered a wide range of ages which makes this play suitable for a variety of theatres.