Isabella's Madness

A Laugh Out Loud Comedy

Full Length Play

Running Time: 110 minutes

Cast of 10/13 Women, 4/7 Men (flexible)

Isabella’s Madness is a wild comedy based on a commedia dell arte scenario with the title The Fake Madwoman. Two crazy brothers from Bologna, Octavio and Flavio, are in love with Isabella, but her demanding mother carts her off to Padua to be married to a Dr. Lombardi. The brothers follow her there, chased by Rosalina, who is in love with Flavio, and their mothers. Once they get to Padua, the brothers try to stop the wedding with a non-stop round of disguises, fake illnesses, poisons, miracle cures, wedding planners, gypsies, doctors, and miracle workers, aided and abetted by their world-weary servants and Isabella’s dizzy friends who are along for the road trip. Isabella’s Madness delights audiences and casts with its mad pace and anything goes plot twists.